Impact – Your safety, environmental and quality application

Manage your safety, environmental, and quality processes conveniently with one application. Impact is a straightforward and simple solution that can be easily customized to your personal needs. Regardless of your industry or the size and nature of your business, Impact is the solution for you.

Impact in a nutshell

See how Impact helps you improve your operations by ensuring high-quality data collection from the field, providing easy-to-use data processing and investigations, and enabling follow-ups to monitor your operations as a whole. And of course, all of this is customized to fit your processes.

Benefits for You


Reduce your expenses

Reduce sick leaves and related expenses by minimizing injuries and accidents in the work environment.


Improve efficiency and quality

Streamline your operations by removing work environment-related risks and obstacles and by providing simple yet high-quality digital tools.


Be the most desirable partner

Exceed your customers’ expectations with efficient operations, improved safety figures, and high-quality reporting.


Involve your network

Improve personnel satisfaction and partner experience by enabling observation reporting and development ideas. Also, ensure the processing of this information and feedback, including any development measures.


Avoid unnecessary surprises

Inspections, documents, and records are stored in one convenient place.


Meet law and certified management system requirements

Equip an electronic, well-documented way to work that complies with laws and regulations and with the requirements of your certified management systems (e.g. Occupational Safety Act, Chemicals Regulation, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001).

Impact as a Solution

You can utilize the software as a complete solution or in an agile manner to meet specific needs. The system’s 16 operating languages enables extensive use.

Our solution includes the following components:

Mobile Reporting

Improve Your HSEQ operations

With our mobile solution, you can observe and report directly from the field, perform processing and investigations, and utilize monitoring to develop your operations as a whole. The solution is a useful support for safety, environmental, and quality operations.

Chemical Registry

Chemical safety in your pocket

With our mobile solution, you can keep Safety Data Sheets (SDS) readily available, maintain your chemical inventory list, manage the usage and storage amounts of chemicals, and assess the risks of chemicals. Chemical safety is truly in the pocket.

Training Registry

Manage your Training information

With our mobile solution, you can manage the training, qualifications, and orientation of your personnel and subcontractors. Also, you will be able to complete your own online training as well as the online training offered by Kiwa in

What is Impact

Impact is a cloud-based SaaS solution, that makes people’s work easier, streamlines your operations, and is customizable by you. All of this ensures a swift implementation, the ability to customize the solution according to your operations at no additional cost, and most importantly, accrue important data as your staff embraces the easy-to-use system.


The ease of use in the field and office ensures both the quality and quantity of collected data and enables successful data processing.


You can customize or build your templates, handling processes, and investigations according to your needs.


A simple yet intelligent solution for collecting, processing, and monitoring your data as a whole.

Easy installation

A complete solution with a fast and cost-effective installation due to ease of use and customizability.

Expert and Support Services

We have a strong and extensive background in developing safety, environmental, and quality operations. We offer you carefully selected expert services to help you significantly develop your safety operations.

Measurement of your Safety Culture

Safety culture is the foundation on which the company’s entire safety operations are built. Kiwa will help you to map the current state of your company’s safety culture as well as to define concrete development measures.

Safety Session Materials

Comprehensive safety sessions and discussions are paramount to safety development measures. Kiwa provides you with ready-made safety sessions on more than 300 different topics.

Our Customers

Impact is used in 15 countries by over a 100 customers.

Start Your 14 day free trial

You can test Impact solo for two weeks or book a demo and discuss the opportunities to improve your operations with us. Whether your need is collecting individual observations, accident reports, or customer feedback, or running all safety, environmental, and quality activities, you’re sure to love our solution and be impressed by its ease of use.