Neles Oyj

Mobile Tools to Streamline Operations

Neles implemented Impact as a solution due to the strenuous and time-consuming nature of performing audits on pen and paper. Prior to Impact audits were an undigitized event comprised of writing notes on paper, capturing pictures, and later writing up the formal audit. “We wanted to streamline this process by introducing a mobile solution, ” Neles Safety and Environment Manager Ari Salminen expresses. “Introducing Impact was a surprisingly painless process, and it was great to notice that our development ideas were heard,” Salminen continues.

Impact stood out from other systems, and Neles chose it due to its flexibility and various application possibilities. Neles tried out a comparable solution for some time. They utilized the solution on HSE-audit rounds but kept searching for other mobile applications. “We ended up choosing Impact because we considered it the most flexible of all options, and we could utilize Impact for various needs, ” Salminen states. 

Impact as an Everyday Tool

Impact was well received at Neles, and all consider it a clear and straightforward mobile solution. All personnel, executives, supervisors, and employees have given positive feedback about the system. The occupational safety representative added that the inspections and clear reports made with Impact speed up corrective actions. “The system can’t just be a source of assistance for safety experts; the system must improve conditions in the field and reduce dangerous situations, ” Salminen states.

The Impact system is a valuable tool in monthly HSE-audits, fire safety inspections, various safety, and environment-related risk assessments, statutory inspections, accident investigations, and various radiation surveys at the plant. Neles primarily uses Impact on mobile devices, i.e., Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 8″-tablets with an integrated protective case and stylus pen.

Tablets work very well for Neles as they are lightweight and easy to carry about. “Just today, we conducted an internal fire safety inspection with maintenance, and the report was sent out to the designated person immediately after completion, ” Salminen explains. Smartphones are also in use, and desktop computers are available for finalizing risk assessments. 

Compatible Solution

Neles has customized Impact to fit their needs. Risk assessment execution and completion are bound by corporate regulations, and Neles had these regulations imported straight to Impact. Importing these was an obligatory requirement for the mobile solution and executing risk assessments, and it worked out well. Neles also seasonally highlights different sections of occupational safety and modifies safety round templates based on the desired emphasis. So far, Neles has utilized the basic analytics view, and a need for customized graphs or statistics has not risen. 

Impact’s customer support also receives praise from Salminen: “The best part about Impact is that we can do a lot, but problems are also solved fast. Customer support is always easy to contact, especially in “emergency” situations.”  

Future with Impact

Impact has proven itself as a superb choice. “At the moment, I would choose the Impact-system for its versatility, and I am keen to see what new modules will be integrated, ” Salminen notes. Neles will expand the use of Impact, and many internal plans for further application of the system exist. 

“I believe this system will work for us in the future, ” Salminen remarks. Neles trusts the Impact development team. “When you can trust people, you can also trust their creations and desire to solve challenges in the constantly changing HSE-field, ” Salminen concludes. 


Ari Salminen

Safety and environment manager

Neles Oyj